Rethink anthropophagy: art and decolonization

Digital Exhibition

This exhibition addresses the importance of the Brazilian identity relying on the theories of Mario de Andrade (1928) and the decolonial theories (Minolo and Quijano) that aim to dismantle the Eurocentrism issues in Latin America. In dialogue with various areas of knowledge and highlighting Brazil’s rich diversity and fostering intercultural dialogue to valorize the local culture, bringing to the debate issues of identity, minorities, race and resistance. Furthermore, it explicitly questions and criticizes the colonial legacies in Brazilian art and their role in reshaping and redefining the “pluralistic” definition of the Brazilian identity recombined with local references in artworks. by: Tatiane De Oliveira Elias, Thamires Bibiane, Andressa Binkley, Pierre Jacome Nascimento, Fabiana Irrasabal Marques, Ingra O. R. Schmitt, Isadora Forner Ribeiro, Rafael Monteiro, Aline Batista, Andressa Freitas, Nayanne Cardoso, Yago Gustavo Silva de Lima, Eduarda Magalhaes Costa, Pedro Henrique de Carvalho, Fernanda Stellfeld Reherman, Jamille Marin Coletto, Giovana Guedes.

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