2023 Taoyuan International Art Award

The 2023 Taoyuan International Art Award (TIAA), organised by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts (TMoFA), Taiwan, selected 15 finalists in last June to participate in the exhibition and compete the awards. The selected artworks are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Syria, France, the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Peru with a wide coverage of various fields and forms, including graphic creation, installation, video and digital art, and art projects.

The Grand Award goes to “Pull Up” by Delphine Pouillé (France), while “Migran-t, First skin: Nostalgia” by Belén Santamarina (Argentina), “I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU” by Jiao Yan (China), “The Shadow Lands Yonder” by Lee Kai-chung (Hong Kong) are the three winners of Honorable Mention, and Wang Yen-ran (Taiwan) is awarded Sojourn Award. The 15 selected artworks, including the award-winning pieces, will be exhibited from 21 March to 30 April at Taoyuan Arts Center.

French artist, Delphine Pouillé, has long developed a practice centered on the body, combining sculpture and drawing. The award-winning work “Pull Up” is a hybrid piece in which two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality coexist. The notion of exhaustion is at the heart of the project. If the voided figure of the suspended body is shown at full physical exertion, its “positive”, puny counterpart lies wrecked on the ground, conveying a sense of derailment or crash. The Grand Award winner will receive NT$600,000.

Belén Santamarina of Argentina in the Honorable Mention for ” Migran-t, First skin: Nostalgia”, in which the artist embroidered on drawings, poems and words written in a private diary, or words from books or songs using hair picked up after grooming, embroidering on sheets, and implanting the experience of migration and being in a different place.

Chinese artist Jiao Yan’s video work “I CAN NOT BE WITH YOU” started with word searches on China’s website for missing persons. The artist contemplates ways to document these individuals and adopts anthropological imaging methods to commence this photography project, including herself in the works, expressing shattered stories and nuanced emotions, re-presenting the images of missing per sons. This work explores the power structures behind the seemingly normal social phenomenon.

Hong Kong artist Lee Kai-chung positions the perspective in early- 20th-century Manchuria, and explores the complex process of identity “transition” under sudden political changes through video and creative writing based on a documentary review. The “Sojourn Award” aims to reward Taiwanese artists with NT$250,000 to travel abroad to observe and expand their international horizons, and this year’s winner Wang Yen-ran’s work “Productivity Project 2023” uses a “copying” action with a reference model to produce a large number of IKEA mugs by hand, in an attempt to explore how ceramics creators should deal with themselves in the era of globalized industrial mass production.

Exhibition information:
2023 Taoyuan International Art Award
Time: 21 March 2023 – 30 April 2023, 9:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays and National Holidays)
Location: Taoyuan Arts Center (1188, Zhongzheng Rd., Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan )
Website: http://tmofa-tiaa.com

The next call for entries will be announced at the end of this year (2023).

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