Connected Constellations. Networks of Artistic and Political Solidarity with Chile


Biliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History (Weddigen Department)

February 2, 2023

In light of recent studies on artistic and political solidarity movements, this workshop proposes to connect a series of practices that emerged in the Euro-American context during the 1970s and 1980s. The starting point for this reflection is situated in Chile during the period of Augusto Pinochet’s civic-military dictatorship (1973-1990) and takes into consideration its historical, political and cultural precedents.

Contrary to the claim that the entire period seemed to be affected by a cultural blackout, an ‘affective community’ emerged, inside and outside the country, which prompted the rise of social movements fighting for democracy and developing a subversive counter-narrative to the dominant authoritarianism.

Adopting a global and transnational perspective to narrate Chilean political and cultural history, this workshop involves several scholars and artists, whose research and testimonies explore the context before and after the coup d’état of 11 September 1973, tracing the emergence of an ethics of solidarity in the Americas and Europe. This study day aims to identify the collaborations and dialogues that emerged in that scenario and the material and ideological conditions that determined them. Concurrently, it investigates the formal specificities of the artistic expressions that arose in response to censorship and a repressive dictatorial regime.

Speakers: Benedetta Calandra, Héctor Roberto Carrasco, Lara Demori, Roberta Garieri, Elodie Lebeau-Fernandez, Vania Montgomery, Raffaele Nocera, Lucy Quezada, Alessandro Santoni

Scientific Organization: Roberta Garieri

Online participation is possible via Zoom

More information about the program:

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