Transregional network Latin America : arts and cultures

This notebook is intended to reflect research on the arts and cultures of Latin America, past and present, conducted by researchers at the German Center for Art History (DFK Paris) and by members affiliated with its network. As a continuation of the Transregional Academies organized by the DFK and the Forum Transregionale Studien since 2016 within the framework of its new research focus “Travelling Art Histories”since 2016, this notebook aims to maintain and enrich this international network of researchers interested in the subject, keep them informed, and serve as a space for them to post relevant events, calls for paper, participations, publications, etc.

Travelling Art Histories

Every encounter expands our horizon of experience. For art history, this simple fact has complex consequences. As a field, it has dealt with a transnationally defined subject from the start and yet, on a methodological level, is firmly positioned both linguistically and culturally. As a result of phenomena of mobility and circulation, art history sees itself confronted with major challenges to its own methods and canon. With the “Travelling Art Histories” research project, these challenges will be considered within a consciously transregional framework—namely, one connecting Latin America and Europe. As a space of a permanent exchange between (academic) cultures in which the diversity of the history of ideas and artistic phenomena can be experienced, the German Center for Art History in Paris offers a fitting point of departure, relevant experiences, and strategic networks within Europe and beyond. The initiative is part of a fundamental paradigm shift within the humanities that places the focus on non-European cultures and their study. With its new research emphasis, the DFK Paris would like to actively participate in this movement and contribute to the innovative framing of the field.

“Travelling Art Histories” was conceived as a mobile research project centered around a series of transregional academies to be held at different locations throughout Latin America. In critical opposition to a dichotomy of center and periphery, the project was, from the start, expressly assembled as a network that reflects but does not reproduce hegemonic asymmetries so as to counter a differentiation between (European) actors and (“exotic”) objects of examination.

The goal of holding the project meetings at different locations is to ensure the incorporation of as many perspectives as possible and to facilitate shifts in viewpoint. Rather than the simple description and comparison of artistic tendencies, the dynamic dialogue format is intended to facilitate the discussion of the various cultural creative processes, strategies of appropriation, and translational and comparative modalities from a transregional and transcultural perspective.

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